Exploring Design (DES401)Research Blogs

Over a period of 17 weeks I will be looking at 17 different topics to research and write about.

By the end of the year I intend to have  17 research blogs (wordpress.com), which will be used a foundation for the final report on Exploring Design.

This final assessment will involve choosing one topic and developing my research  to produce a 2000 word report.

The 17 topics I will be researching and writing a small blog on are:

1.Design Theorists 10. Web Technologies
2. Methods & Workflows 11. Responsive Design
3. Design Visualisation 12. User Interface &Human Computer   Interaction
4. Modern Design 13. User Experience (UX)
5. Photography 14. Trends
6. Typography 15. Social Media
7. Graphic design 16. Mobile & Wearables
8. Branding & Logos 17. TV & Consoles
9. Web History & Standards